We want to create a pool of called and qualified leaders that organizations and churches can draw from.

A few years ago USMB (United States Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches) had a passion to focus on leadership development. And around the same time USMB Youth, the national youth ministry leadership team of the Mennonite Brethren denomination saw a need to identify and invest in the next generation of leaders like never before. The Pipeline exists to connect organizations to qualified leaders. In doing so create ministry-related experiences that help both the organization and the up-and-coming leader.

This is the first step in a larger vision of identifying, investing in, and empowering leaders for vocational ministry by providing real-world ministry experiences through internships with churches and organizations throughout the US. The Pipeline will start by providing a national summer internship program designed for college students and young adults. These internships are for any position a church needs (youth, kids, graphics, worship, and more).

Then the plan is to then expand opportunities and training to leaders outside the summer internship target. We will work with churches to include year-long residency positions. Come alongside church plants to provide leaders for that unique kind of experience. Send adults of any age to mission-oriented experiences at home and around the globe. Even expand to high school students to help them develop their call to vocational ministry. The sky is the limit when it comes to leadership development. Will you join us?

What’s different about the pipeline?

This isn’t just an job bank for churches. We are intentional about developing leaders with hands-on ministry experiences. Each intern whether that is short term summer internship or a year long one will be provided with a free training program. Once a week, usually over zoom, all the similar ministry areas interns will come together and hear from ministry veterans on topics that directly relate to future ministry. The purpose is to expose them to what ministry is really like as well as help confirm their calling into vocational ministry.

Anyone who has been in ministry for awhile can tell you how difficult it can be. That is why we partner each intern with a ministry mentor that can walk along side them as they learn and develop their ministry skill sets. They are more than just a boss giving out tasks, they are to encourage, challenge, and confirm their interns.

Each candidate and organization will receive the full training schedule once they join the Pipeline and accept an internship. Sign up below!

USMB wants to help each church make a greater impact for the kingdom of God through three areas:
Church Multiplication, Disciple-Making, and Leadership Development.

Be developed –  internships, online training, and more.

Be developed –  internships, online training, and more.

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Whether you are an organization looking for leaders or you are a leader who feels called to ministry the Leadership Pipeline is here to bring you together. Click below and get started for free today!

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