Many organizations and churches struggle with the hassle of finding the right leaders. That’s why we help them identify, develop and keep emerging leaders.

By joining The Pipeline Leadership, you will have access approved and talented intern candidates from across the nation.

Why should your church or organization join The Leadership Pipeline?

  • One-stop portal to access intern candidates from across the nation
  • A diverse pool of approved candidates with a wide variety of skill sets
  • Be able to raise up emerging leaders for vocational ministry
  • Free to sign up and post opportunities

How it works

What is required to be accepted in The Leadership Pipeline?

To join The Leadership Pipeline each organization needs to agree to these things.

  1. Provide a point person for the organization (to communicate with the Leadership Pipeline)
  2. Provide a local ministry mentor that oversees the intern to provide direction and leadership.
  3. Provide work that is directly related to the internship’s area of ministry.
  4. Provide time each week for the intern to receive ministry specific online training and personal study
  5. Pay the intern (see below for more details)
  6. Agree to the Mennonite Brethren Confessions of Faith (but you do not have to be an Mennonite Brethren Church)

Have more question? Visit our frequently asked questions page, such as What if we cannot afford an intern? And more…

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