Churches and organizations create internship openings. Undergraduate students then apply for the openings. The goal is to connect churches and organizations with students who are seeking career-building experiences through internships. During these short-term internships, weekly training will be provided by The Pipeline in the desired ministry areas.

For Churches and Employers: By creating an organization profile and posting your internship opportunities, you have access to a pool of interns gathered from our educational institutions, churches, and other areas across the nation. These candidates will be approved and background checked by The Pipeline.

For Students Seeking Ministry Experience: The Pipeline provides a one-stop portal to opportunities posted by churches and faith-based organizations from all over the United States. These paid internships may be offered in a variety of ministry-related fields including youth, worship, kids, education, arts, finance, tech, and more! Just create your candidate profile and get connected through our internship search.

There is no cost for churches or potential interns to sign up! All internships will be paid so there will be an expectation of some form of financial investment by the churches and organizations that secure an intern. Funds may be available to help the hiring church or organization through grants and scholarships from our ministry partners.
Our goal is to raise up the next generation of leaders by creating a leadership pool of qualified and trained leaders for our churches to draw from and fill positions for years to come.

We are sorry to see you go, but we understand that the Pipeline’s role is just a part of a leader’s journey. Once you get permanently connected to an organization or church then you may not need to continue your membership. If you feel you need to leave for any reason then just contact one of our mobilizers by emailing us at

All candidate membership will be moved into “inactive” after 2 years of inactivity. Membership can be easily reinstated to active by contacting one of our mobilizers.

Making your profile stand out is a crucial part of finding the right person to hire or joining the right organization. We have created a whole resource page just to help you with this process CLICK HERE. Check out our blog for leadership tips and training as well. And finally each person will be partnered with one of our Pipeline mobilizers to help you create your profile.

Feel free contact one of our regional members (if they haven’t contacted you already) or email us at

Questions Specifically for Organizations/Churches:

The Leadership Pipeline’s internship opportunities are designed to be paid (so the interns focus and energy doesn’t have to be split). If your organization or church is unable to fund an adequate amount, there are additional options to help cover some of the costs for the internships. For example, MBFoundation operates a Lead Gen grant program HERE. Once you join the Leadership Pipeline, your pipeline mobilizer will be able to help you explore the possibilities.

Each church and organization’s culture is different so this will have be decided on a case by case basis. Our Pipeline mobilizers will be able to help answer this question more specifically. However we do not discount an internship opportunity just because their supervisor is only part time in ministry. Many times it might help your ministry if you have a full time intern for the summer! Ministry can still be happening while you are at your secular job.

The Leadership Pipeline is the middle man between emerging leaders interns will be hired directly to each church or organization. Salary, taxes, and everything else will come directly from the church/organization to the intern.

All internships are for a paid position, not volunteer. We believe volunteers can be found and raised up in each individual church/organization. The Pipeline is all about identifying emerging leaders who are considering vocational ministry so we want them dedicated to their internship full time and not feel they have to earn extra funds during this time.

  • For summer internships, The Pipeline expects interns to be full-time (32+ hours a week) for a total of 10-12 weeks based on the needs of the organization. Exceptions may be made for smaller churches that have bi-vocational leaders.
  • For internship opportunities during the school year or year-round may be part-time. It all depends on the needs for the organization/church.

Salaries and stipends vary based on experience, ministry responsibilities, location, and a variety of other factors. The Leadership Pipeline suggests anywhere $2,500 – $4,000 for 10 weeks. Pay will increase accordingly if more weeks are required. The payment method will be determined by the organization.

Questions Specifically for Candidates:

We do have scholarships available for any Pipeline candidate to Tabor or Fresno Pacific University. Scholarships are pursued by the candidate outside of The Pipeline hiring process. If interested please check “request scholarship” on your application page. A Pipeline mobilizer can assist you.

Depending on the school and internship there may also be an opportunity to receive school credit as part of your internship experience. Contact your educational institution for more details.

Although we would love every candidate member to get connected to an internship, there is no guarantee that this will happen. Being hired will depend on the opportunity(ies) you apply for and a successful interview experience. The Pipeline is the tool to get organizations and candidates connected but there is no guarantee that it will result in an internship. Our advice is to apply early and to more than one opportunity, and meet with our mobilizers if you are having trouble.

The heart of the Pipeline is leadership development and a crucial aspect of that development is ministry experience through an internship. So technically yes you may be part of The Pipeline without doing an internship however you will not be getting paid, receiving college scholarships, or school credit.

Be developed –  internships, online training, and more.

Be developed –  internships, online training, and more.

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